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What type of gun should I buy? What Caliber should I get it in?

As a firearm training instructor I am constantly asked “What type of gun and what caliber should I buy?”

My answer is always the same – “The one that will perform the tasks you are trying to accomplish.”

Think about a normal police situation, let’s say a barricaded suspect. In our hypothetical situation we have a bad guy inside a building that may be armed and does not want to come out. Do you think the police sharp shooter across the street is using his .40 caliber side arm to make a potential shot? Probably not.

As ridiculous as the above example is I hope it gets you thinking about your own situation. The questions you must start to ask yourself are;

  • What is the primary purpose of this firearm?

  • When will this gun be used (night / day / indoor / outdoor)?

  • Will the firearm be carried every day?

  • Under what conditions will the firearm be used?

  • What is the firearm expected to do?

  • Am I the only one that will use this firearm?

  • What type of ammunition does the firearm use?

  • Does the firearm fit my hand and my natural point of aim?

  • Can I manipulate the firearm completely and confidently?

As you can see, firearm selection is an involved process and should be embarked upon with forethought. No firearm can do everything well, so clearly identifying your goals is the first step in selecting the proper firearm for you!

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