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Welcome to our Q&A section.
During our training time with our friends I am asked a lot of the same questions. Below I have tried to answer some of the common questions we get. As always, please feel free to email us with questions or comments! Thank you for visiting.

Where do you guys get your tattoos?
I know it sounds funny, but this is the number one question  I receive. Chris Brusby at River City Tattoo does my work. Chris and his wife Christine run a very clean and well organized shop; it is simply the best in Sacramento. I have always felt welcome and at home while getting work done. Go to the shop and check them out, tell them Scott sent you!

What kind of gun do you use?
I use several different handguns depending on what I am doing. My every day carry gun is a Gen 5 Glock 17
My USPSA single stack gun is a  Dan Wesson Valor or specialist .45 .
My USPSA production gun is a Walther Q5 Match or a CZSP01 both in 9mm.
My USPSA Limited gun is an STI Edge in .40
My USPSA pistol caliber carbine is a Sig Sauer MPX in 9mm
Like every gun guy or gal I have a few others also.

How much are your classes?
Our classes are typically $50-$250 per person depending on the material being covered and the class size. While we are a for-profit school, we do our best to make training affordable for everyone. We can even take payments under some circumstances.

Do I have to be "Rambo" to take a class?
All of our training time is dedicated to you. We work with each individual person and attempt to bring out their best while overcoming some of the challenges that can happen when learning to be comfortable with firearms. You do not need to be in "Rambo" shape to attend a class. We do shoot at an outdoor range however, so bring sunscreen, proper clothing, and water.  ​
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