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Recreational shooting with family for over 30 years. Graduated from the Police Academy in 1999 and has been involved in law enforcement/ security ever since. He started GSG Firearms in 2016 and continues to build custom race guns and rifles to date. An avid USPSA pistol and PCC shooter, he is the current Vice President of the Linden Competitive Shooting Club (LCSC) and the Match Director of the USPSA pistol matches held at The Linden Gun Range for the LCSC. During his time in law enforcement and contract security, he experienced training with and working on H&K, Sig Sauer, Glock, Remington, Kimber , Colt and Bushmaster firearms. As a police officer, he worked patrol, street crimes, and special operations K9.


Currently a full time firearms and use of force instructor for a federal law enforcement agency and a part time gunsmith and civilian firearms trainer. He holds a firearms instructor rating in CA, AZ, TX and TN.


Certified Police Rangemaster

Weaponless Defense instructor

NRA Firearms Law Enforcement Instructor

NRA Civilian Instructor

Chief Range Safety Officer

Competitive Shooting Instructor

CCW Certified

BSIS Certified Rangemaster.


"I Enjoy showing new shooters how to become comfortable with firearms and build confidence in their abilities to safely use their firearm for personal protection and in the shooting sports."

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